Analytical Services


The Analytical Department was established to serve members, non-profit institutions and laboratories, corporate clients, and private collectors. Analytical services include:

Materials analysis for conservators
An understanding of the material(s) from which the object is made, to aid the conservator indetermining the best treatment plan.

Technical analysis of art objects
Materials analysis (for example, of pigments and binding media in paintings, or elements in metals and glass) to provide evidence about the origin and age of objects, and help ascertain authenticity.

Research on art materials, archaeological objects, and conservation techniques
For art historians, museum curators, and archaeologists, the physical composition of an object often has historical and cultural meanings revealed by materials analysis. Conservation techniques may be improved by systematic comparative experiments which also require scientific analysis. 

Range of analytical techniques available:

  • Optical Microscopy
  • X-ray radiography
  • Micro-FTIR Spectrometry
  • GC-MS
  • XRF (portable)
  • UV-VIS Spectrometry
  • LC-Ion trap MS
  • Laser Raman Spectrometry

To request scientific analysis from the Analytical Department, please contact the office at or by phone at 413-458-5741


Magnified cross-section of paint layer.


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