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Each academic year, the Judith M. Lenett Memorial Fellowship is awarded to a second-year student in the Williams College Graduate Program in the History of Art.

The fellowship allows recipients to explore issues of conservation in the field of American art. Working closely with Williamstown Art Conservation Center conservators, each fellow spends two semesters conserving and researching an American art object. The work culminates in a research paper, public lecture, and article in the WACC publication Art Conservator. The Lenett Memorial Fund was established by the family and friends of the late Judith Lenett, a candidate for the M.A. degree, class of 1983, to provide lectures and seminars in American art and its conservation. The fellowship is jointly administered by WACC, Williams College, and the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Further information can be obtained by contacting

Below is a chronological list of Lenett Fellows and titles of their projects. (Tinted titles link to an associated article in Art Conservator.)

2012 — Ginia Sweeney
Unburying the Past: Tracing the History of a Forgotten Man

2011 — Zöe Samels
Pinning Down History: Insects, America, and the Art of John Hampson

2011 — Allison Pappas
Let There Be Light: American Photojournalism and the Working Print

2010 — Bree Lehman
Monsieur Robert Was Here: From French Outcast to Hudson Valley Portraitist

2009 — R. Ruthie Dibble
Tinned Americana: Secrets of an Early Connecticut Tavern Sign

2008 — Katherine Alcauskas
Painting and Frame: An Interdisciplinary Study of a Colonial Portrait

2006 — Jason Vrooman
Bringing a Pollock Back to Life: Revealing the Painter Beyond "Jack the Dripper"

2005 — Christine Paglia
Women's Movements: Modern Dance and a Suffragist Sculptor (Alice Morgan Wright)

2004 — Emy Kim
Clyfford Still's 1964

2003 — Jordan Kim
A Byrdcliffe Colony Arts and Crafts Cabinet: Mysteries of a Mute Landscape

2002 — Rob Slifkin
The Price of Play: Restoring Alexander Calder's "Futuristic Toys for Advanced Kids"

2001 — Jennifer Cabral
Fugitive Media, Forgotten Meanings: Conserving a 1950s American Collage

2000 — Adam Greenhalgh
"Lowering, strange, almost awful": Sanford R. Gifford's Twilight in the Catskills

1999 — Austen Barron Bailly
Bold Colors, Rough Supports: The Watercolor Technique of Charles Hovey Pepper

1998 — Mikka Gee Conway
Jose Clemente Orozco's The Epic of American Civilization: Preparatory Drawings and Methods

1997 — Ashley West
Restoring Meaning: The Story of a Cradleboard from the Berkshire Museum

1996 — Sue Canterbury
Anatomy of an Attribution: Frederic Remington's R11 Bronco Buster

1995 — Lydia Hemphill
As the Wind Blows: The Historical Investigation and Conservation of a Nineteenth- Century Painted Metal Weathervane

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